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Astro Deathmatch - [EU]



Kit System

There are 3 Kits: Comp, Early, Fabby

For every Kit there are 3 raritys
1 = Gamma (All free)
2 = Beta (5 free)
3 = Alpha (2 free)

Show all kits /Kit
Use a kit with /Kit name
Example: /Kit fabby1

Buy an additional kit with /BuyKit name amount
Example: /BuyKit fabby3 1
You can use it again with /kit name

Shop System

Open the shop with /Shop
All available items are displayed.

You can buy something with /buy name amount
Replace the name with the wanted item.

You can buy scissors, paints and a Tek Suit.

Point System

Points are gathered trough killing people and lost by dying.
You can use the points with the Kit and Shop System.

You are able to view your Points with the Command /points

You get points every 15 minutes, depending on your rank.

Upload / Travel

You can travel between all deathmatch servers.

The upload remains for one week.

A transmitter is located in the Vault room.

Lobby System

You cannot be killed in the lobby.
There you can equip yourself with the kit system

If you want to join the arena you can just run straight into the TekBuble.

Arena System

Jump out of the PvP SaveZone with a Tek Jump Pad to not get fall damage.

PvP System

We changed some small changes in the PvP section:
Bola = 10 sec
Netgun = 40sec
HP cap = 600
Movement = 170

Stats / Leaderboard

Your own stats /mystats

Leaderboard /leaderboard player