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Cave Changes

Astro now also has customised caves to make bad spots better and to have more spots.

Build now in a custom Cave!

Information about the Cave Changes from Astro.

The changes are made without mods. We use indestructible structures, this allows us to make changes on a crossplay server.
The disadvantage of this is that it does not block explosion damage, so please be aware of this. Mannequins will be considered part of the Ark terrain. Consequently, any form of hitting through them will be considered as meshing.

The Center

Spider Cave

Cords: 51.0, 56.0

Raft blocked,
Close off the Top Entrance

Mosa Cave

Cords: 61.0, 55.0

Entrance from Spider Cave blocked

Double Bear Cave

Cords: 33.2, 49.7

Bottom entrance blocked

River Cave

Cords: 32.6, 54.1

Lower entrance closed

South Ice Cave

Cords: 60.0, 22.5

Closed off right pathway

North Ice Cave

Cords: 18.7, 29.7

Removed both sides

Lava Cave

Cords: 11.2, 67.4

The left & right gates are closed, the centre one is stego-size

Crystal Island

Large Spider

Cords: 34.0, 26.9

One entrance blocked

Dragon Cave

Cords: 48.8, 74.7

The main entrance has been blocked and the second entrance is now a crouch point

Lost Island

Lost Lake Cave

Cords: 30.9, 30.9

Smaller entrance (crouch)

Redwood Cave

Cords: 46.6 40.0

Smaller entrance

Spider Cave

Cords: 37.7, 29.3

All entrances are closed except the drop


Desert Cave

Cords: 85.9, 51.4

One entrance blocked, other one smaller

Green Ob Cave

Cords: 45.2, 32.4

One entrance blocked, other one smaller

Highlands Cave

Cords: 18.1, 78.9

Smaller entrance 

Ice Cave

Cords: 40.1, 62.7

One entrance blocked

Triple Waterfall Cave

Cords: 27.4, 47.8

One entrance blocked

Lions Cave

Cords: 80.0 61.0

One entrance sealed, other one smaller

Lava Cave

Cords: 19.6, 65.3

Smaller entrance (crouch)

Blue OB

Cords: 18.1, 17.3

Raft protection


Quad Waterfall

Cords: 33.4, 09.0

The main entrance has been blocked

Castle Cave

Cords: 40.0, 90.0

One entrance blocked, other one smaller

Cherry Tree Cave

Cords: 34.5, 89.3

Smaller entrance

Oil Cave

Cords: 49.0, 19.7

Smaller entrance

Scorched Earth

Blue Ob Cave

Cords: 28.8, 29.2

Smaller entrance (Fits for Carbo)

The Island

Lava Cave

Cords: 70.6, 86.1

3 pathways -> 1 crouch pathway

Hunter Cave

Cords: 80.3, 53.5

Right pathway closed

Genesis: Part 1

Cube 1

Cords: 25.5, 45.6

Sealed 2 entrances

Cube 2

Cords: 17.6, 59.6

Smaller entrance

Cube 3

Cords: 25.3 50.2

Sealed 1 entrance

Cube 4

Cords: 28.8, 29.2

Only 1 smaller entrance

Double Lunar

Cords: 35.7 23.9

Only 1 entrance

[Outdated] Astro Cave Changes Phase 3 Season 1 - 22 changed caves