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Cave Changes

Astro now also has customised caves to make bad spots better and to have more spots.

Build now in a custom Cave!

Information about the Cave Changes from Astro.

The changes are made without mods. We use indestructible structures, this allows us to make changes on a crossplay server.
The disadvantage of this is that it does not block explosion damage, so please be aware of this.

Astro Cave Changes Phase 3 Season 1 - 22 changed caves

The Center

Spider Cave

Cords: 51.0, 56.0

Raft blocked,
Close off the Top Entrance

Mosa Cave

Cords: 61.0, 55.0

Entrance from Spider Cave blocked

Double Bear Cave

Cords: 33.2, 49.7

Bottom entrance blocked

River Cave

Cords: 33.5, 62.5

Close off the Top Water Entrance

South Ice Cave

Cords: 60.0, 22.5

Closed off right pathway

Lava Cave

Cords: 11.2, 67.4

Dropdown pathway only passable with Stego or smaller

Crystal Island

Large Spider

Cords: 34.0, 26.9

One entrance blocked

Dragon Cave

Cords: 48.8, 74.7

The main entrance has been blocked and the second entrance is now a crouch point


Snow Cave

Cords: 03.2, 32.7

One entrance blocked

Lost Island

Lost Lake Cave

Cords: 30.9, 30.9

Smaller entrance (crouch)

Redwood Cave

Cords: 46.6 40.0

Smaller entrance


Desert Cave

Cords: 85.9, 51.4

One entrance blocked, other one smaller

Green Ob Cave

Cords: 45.2, 32.4

One entrance blocked, other one smaller

Highlands Cave

Cords: 18.1, 78.9

Smaller entrance 

Ice Cave

Cords: 40.1, 62.7

One entrance blocked

Triple Waterfall Cave

Cords: 27.4, 47.8

One entrance blocked

Lions Cave

Cords: 80.0 61.0

One entrance sealed, other one smaller

Lava Cave

Cords: 19.6, 65.3

Smaller entrance (crouch)


Quad Waterfall

Cords: 33.4, 09.0

The main entrance has been blocked

Castle Cave

Cords: 40.0, 90.0

One entrance blocked, other one smaller

Cherry Tree Cave

Cords: 34.5, 89.3

Smaller entrance

Oil Cave

Cords: 49.0, 19.7

Smaller entrance

Scorched Earth

Blue Ob Cave

Cords: 28.8, 29.2

Smaller entrance (Fits for Carbo)

The Island

Lava Cave

Cords: 70.6, 86.1

3 pathways -> 1 crouch pathway

Hunter Cave

Cords: 80.3, 53.5

Right pathway closed

Genesis: Part 1

Cube 1

Cords: 25.5, 45.6

Sealed 2 entrances

Cube 2

Cords: 17.6, 59.6

Smaller entrance

Cube 3

Cords: 25.3 50.2

Sealed 1 entrance

Cube 4

Cords: 28.8, 29.2

Only 1 smaller entrance

Double Lunar

Cords: 35.7 23.9

Only 1 smaller entrance