Follow the rules in this list.
The list can be extended at any time

If you have any questions, you can ask them to our support.

The following actions are forbidden:

The Astro Team always bans with a reason. We are not forced to provide the reason.
Please note that evidence (not confidential) may be shared to further solve the matter in question.

1. General Rules


Any violation of the General Netiquette, the Code of Conduct from ARK itself.

General Netiquette

Real Money Trades


Any violation of the Discord rules in the InGame chat/voice




Avoiding a ban using a shared or a different account


Insiding $


Advertising other Servers or Discord servers in the ingame chat/voice


Player names / tribe names / dino names like: 123, Bob, Human, Mensch, Tribemember 123, Blank Names, @everyone, @here names which can’t be read with the english language font pack etc.


Tribe members / name have to be the same on every map


Trade Scamming


Stacking tames into each other


Account sharing


Duped loot has to be reported and destroyed immediately


Stream sniping


Racist or extremely unreasonable behavior of any kind (including steam / ingame name)


Using tribe merge option mid raid


Rule circumvention | De: Umgehung von Regeln  


Intentionally causing / abusing server problems


reclaiming dinos to buff stats

2. Building Rules


Snapping more than 200 foundations (except inside of caves = unlimited and around a single proper turret tower = 30x30)


Snapping multiple turret towers together


Floating structures (structures in the middle of hatchframes are allowed)


Mass stacking structures / spamming vaults is forbidden


Blocking view with (nearly) invincible structures


Using Vacuum Compartments to spam


Unnecessary spam is forbidden }


You are not allowed to spam more than one render distance away from your cave entrance


Placing ocean platforms inside caves

2.1 Forbidden Spots

  • Mesh holes / open mesh / spots in which you can see through the mesh

  • Spawns / Genesis teleport zones

  • Every spot that is not accessible through walking, crawling or crouching or easy climbing in with grabbles (not crouch grappeling or climbing picks)

  • Spots under Lava

  • Wyvern trenches (the turrets may not shoot into the trench)

  • Entrances to the Valguero Abberation / Genesis 2 water / Center Underworld zone may only be built if you have the permission of the admin team

  • Terminals / mission areas


  • Lava Golem
  • Iceworm Entrance
  • Near Jungle Spawns

Genesis 1

  • Magma cave
  • Teleporter Zones
  • Bog Rathole

Genesis 2

  • Main Pathways to Space

The Island

  • Tek-Cave Entrance

Crystal Isles

  • Honey Cave
  • Lootdrop Cave


  • Portal Room 
  • Spawn Locations of the other 3 Biomes
  • Boss Caves
  • Element Cave

Selected Obelisks

  • The Island = Red Ob
  • Ragnarok = Blue Ob (within 300 Foundation Range)
  • Crystal Isles = Red Ob, Green Ob, Blue Ob
  • Valguero = Green Ob
  • The Center = Blue Ob
  • Scorched Earth = Green Ob


  • Puzzle Cave entrance

3. PvP Rules


Teaming / third partying (except for Boss fights) °


Meshing or meshbite


Caging for more then one hour, except for raiding (allowed for the duration of the raid)


Placing turrets or any other defensive structure less than 70 foundations away from any active Orbital Supply Drop.


Placing structures into other players (for example Transmitter, spikes, cages)

4. Raiding Rules


Building a complete base in front of another base


If you are counter fobbing you have to commit the raid ~


Tunneling / LOSing turrets using structures £


Abusing forcefield §


Despawing items / destroy your own tribe property while being fobbed


Inactive fob %


Hitting structures through mesh


Using #tribe-search to find raid targets


Mass soaking (maximum of 8 unridden tames)

5. Extra Explanation


$: Insiding - The following actions count as insiding: Destroying any tribe property without permission of all members. Killing any tribe property without other members' permission. Destroying stuff from the inside when you got kicked. Taking stuff with you when you get kicked. Owners are NOT allowed to inside either, however they may kick anyone they would like to. The Owner does not have full ownership of all tribe belongings if the tribe has more than 4 members.
If two thirds of a tribe with more than 4 members disagree with the owner's decision, they have 24 hours to undo the decision.
If 75% of the tribe wants to change the owner it has to be done.
If the tribe owner has not logged on for 2 or more days, any tribe can choose a new owner if more than half of the members agree to it.
If a member got kicked from the tribe, he has the right to receive his personal tames.


°: Do not team with any tribes: You ARE allowed to do boss fights and trade with other tribes. However, the following actions count as teaming: Attacking a base with 2 different tribes, defending a base with 2 different tribes, Doing OSD’s with 2 different tribes. You are also NOT allowed to arrange raids, so no cluster attacks by multiple tribes on the same tribe. Pvp is also tribe related and you must attack every other tribe else than your own. You are also not allowed to be in 2 different tribes at the same time.

The following actions count as third partying: Sniping tames or players, soaking the fob, blowing any structures of the fobbed tribe or the fobbers.


§: Do Not Mesh Bite: Trying to bite through walls or ceiling is NOT allowed. So keep an eye open for aggressive dinos because they will mesh bite. The attempt of meshbiting will also be punished. So pay attention to where you bite or hit with your tame. Hitting structures through the mesh with a mek or any other creature is also forbidden. Tek sword punching and tek gauntlets may also not destroy structures through thin walls.


~: Commitment during raids: If there is a tribe fobbing/being fobbed, you may only be a third party when you clear the enemy’s fob. After clearance of the fob you MUST attack the originally fobbed base. As soon as the tribe that is raiding calls out that it is a party fob, you must not destroy the fob and you are free to pvp. The tribe that is fobbing has ALL rights to attack you, and you may not fight back when you do not counter fob. 


£: Difference Tunneling and Fortniting: There is a clear difference between Fortniting and tunneling. Fortniting IS allowed, and Tunneling is NOT allowed. A Fortnite is a structure that you build to gain foundation control and reach higher areas. The fortnite may not be fully emerged (closed) and turrets must be able to shoot/hit all players on the fortnite. Tunneling is a structure that you build to LOS (Line Of Sight) turrets and that is NOT allowed. Blocking turrets from shooting with ANY type of structure is forbidden (except for rafts and platform saddles. 3 sides of platform saddles have to be uncovered).


§: forcefield abuse: for example changing the size of the forcefield rapidly to allow / prevent turrets from shooting or to stuck players / dinos


%: Inactive fob: a fob is inactive as soon as there is no action happening against the tribe being fobbed for around 6 hours. Sniping does not count. If you leave the raid you have to destroy your fob.


\: using Vacuum Compartments to build floating vacuum towers (1 opened compartment with turrets) is still allowed. No admin will destroy your tower if it is not spam.


}: unnecessary spam is any type of structure (e.g. forcefield) not within the radius of either a base, fob or a teleporter