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Follow the rules in this list.
The list can be extended at any time

If you have any questions, you can ask them to our support.

Code of Conduct

Our in-game rules are an extended version of the active code of conduct on the official Small Tribes PvP servers. Rules specifically mentioned here supersede the code of conduct and should be treated as such. Violations of these rules may be punished according to (Punishments). We reserve the right to change our rules at any time, it is your responsibility to keep yourself updated.

The Astro Team always bans with a reason. We are not forced to provide the reason.
Please note that evidence (not confidential) may be shared to further solve the matter in question.

1. General Rules

The Discord Rules apply to all public in-game communication.
General Netiquette

Insiding is strictly forbidden. The tribe owner has full ownership of all tribe belongings, as long as he doesn't cause harm to tribe property. Destroying stuff from the Inside after being kicked is considered Insiding.

Scamming in a set trade agreement is not tolerated.
Sharing your account is forbidden.
Possessing items or dinos that have been obtained using an exploit is forbidden.
Stream sniping is prohibited.
Exploiting ambiguous sections of our rules, essentially circumventing them, may still be penalized.
Modified game files to remove key graphical components are allowed (eg. ini).
Do not report other people for extremely minor infractions, we will only prosecute serious issues, waging a "ticket war" can lead to punishment.

Abusing and or exploiting unintended mechanics, this ranges from Ark's mechanics all the way to our own systems (e.g. Astro profile, leaderboard etc.).


Any action detrimental to the integrity of the server is strictly prohibited.

2. Building Rules


It is forbidden to snap more than 200 foundations outside a cave or tower. Turret towers are limited to a 30x30 and may not be snapped together with other turret towers. 


Spam around a proper turret tower is limited to a radius of 30 (snapped) foundations.

Mass stacking of more than 5 structures / spamming more than 1 vault into each other is forbidden if they influence the raiding process. Turrets are an exception and can be infinitely spammed.
Blocking the view with (almost) invincible structures is not allowed.

Structure restrictions for: 
- Vacuum Compartments used as spam
- Ocean platforms inside cave
- Structure spam further than one render distance from the cave entrance 
- Structures that extend past normal building limits (e.g. floating structures)
- Excessive overlapping foundation spam


Structures should not be located within Vaults, except for generators and turrets.

2.1 Forbidden Spots

  • Mesh holes / open mesh / places where you can see through the mesh

  • Any spot that cannot be reached by walking, crawling, crouching, swiming or light grappling (not crouching grappling or climbing picks).

  • Spots trough Lava

  • Wyvern trenches (turrets must not shoot into the trench)

  • Terminals / mission areas

Genesis 1

  • Magma cave
  • Teleporter Zones
    (Tokyo Skiff allowed)
  • Bog Rathole

Genesis 2

  • Main Pathways to Space

Crystal Isles

  • Honey Cave
  • Lootdrop Cave


  • Portal Room 
  • Spawn Locations of the other 3 Biomes
  • Boss Caves
  • Element Cave

Selected Obelisks

  • The Island = Red Ob
  • Ragnarok = Blue Ob (within 300 Foundation Range)
  • Crystal Isles = Red Ob, Green Ob, Blue Ob
  • Valguero = Green Ob
  • The Center = Blue Ob
  • Scorched Earth = Green Ob

3. PvP Rules


Teaming / third partying (except for Boss fights) is not allowed.


Caging for more than one hour, except in raids (allowed for the duration of the raid).


Placing turrets or other defensive structures within 70 foundations of any Orbital Supply Drop (osd) is not allowed.

Placing structures in other players (for example, transmitters, spikes, cages).

4. Raiding Rules


We allow counterfobbing with the condition that you must join the original raid after clearing the fob (also inactive fobs). Otherwise, you must stay away from the raid, even if you are attacked by the raiders.

Intentionally using structures to block the line of sight of turrets (aka tunneling) is forbidden. (except for rafts and platform saddles. 3 sides of platform saddles have to be uncovered).
Constantly increasing and decreasing the radius of a Tek forcefield is forbidden.
Despawning items / destroying one's own tribe's property while being fobbed, with the intention of preventing the raiding party from looting it, is not tolerated (aka popcorning).
Intentionally biting structures, dinos or players through the mesh is not allowed.

Mass soaking (maximum of 8 unridden Tames).


Rapidly exchanging members between tribes is strictly prohibited.


Using tribe merge option while being attacked by other tribes is forbidden.


Breaking our rules can result in punishment ranging from a warning to a permanent ban from the cluster. Punishments are a private matter and will never be shared with anyone other than the players involved. We always reserve the right to ban any player who threatens the integrity of the server, regardless of the rules violation. In addition, for reasons of anonymity, we often do not share evidence of a breach of the rules and are under no obligation to do so.

Punishment factors

If you have broken a rule, this will have a positive impact on your case:

  • Being completely honest with our team
  • Assisting with an ongoing investigation (if there is one)
  • Being polite and respectful
  • Writing a good unban request

And negatively by

  • Trying to lie your way out of it
  • Being abusive or disrespectful to our team
  • Showing no sign of remorse
  • Not helping our team when you could clearly help them with the investigation

I have been banned, what now?

If you feel that you have been unfairly punished, you can open a ticket to discuss the matter with our team. If your punishment is upheld, you will still have the option to reduce the length of your ban or have it lifted. Unless specifically stated otherwise by our staff, you have the right to request an unban, which can be done just like a ticket on our Discord server. Never try to circumvent your ban, as this will result in an even longer ban, a ban for your innocent tribemates, and the loss of your right to an unban application.


Punishment list

Please note that the following punishments are only the most severe, and that similar offenses of lesser severity may be punished much less severely. It is also important to note that exceptions can be made and maximum punishments, as per the list below, can be exceeded. Our staff are by no means limited by this list and it is only intended to give you an outline of our enforcement process.


up to Permanent ban


up to Permanent ban

Joint raids against one or more tribes

up to 3 month tribe ban

Multiple tribes built in one spot to mutual benefit

up to 3 month tribe ban

Interfering with raids without the commiting to it

up to 1 season ban

Spawn Blocking

full structure wipe

Communication misconduct

up to season ban

Extreme Communication misconduct

up to 3 month ban

Real-Money trading

up to 3 month ban


up to 3 month ban

False reports

up to 1 month ban


up to 3 month ban


up to 1 month ban

Account sharing

up to 4 month ban

Possessing illegitimate items

up to 4 month ban

Stream sniping

up to 4 month ban

Rule circumvention


Building rule violations

up to full structure wipe


up to 1 month ban


up to 1 month ban

Caging for too long

up to 3 days ban

Defensive structures on OSD

up to 3 days ban

Blocking Mission Area / Terminal

up to 3 days ban

Placing structures in players

up to 3 days ban


up to season ban

Forcefield abuse

up to 3 days ban


up to season ban

Mesh Hitting and Mesh Biting

up to 2 month ban

Mass Soaking

up to full dino wipe

Playing with banned players

up to 3 month ban

Stacking Tames

up to 1 month ban

Turret Raft at Rag blue ob

up to 1 month ban

Exploting Season Pass

up to 2 month ban