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Settings for Astro PvP x100

Astro consists of many settings and modifications from the normal game.

You should find the most important ones in this list.


Harvest Amount

Harvest Amount Multiplier


XP Multiplier

XP Amount Multiplier


Taming Speed

Taming Speed Multiplier


Max Tribe Members

Max Amount of Tribe Members in one Tribe

8 Man

No Alliances

You are not able to make any Alliance

Auto Unlock Engrams

Auto Unlock Engrams

Excluding Tekgramms for the first week

Player HP cap

Max HP amount a Player can have

800 HP

Crafting speed

Crafting Speed inside of Structures (like Replicator, Smithy, etc..)


Chemistry Bench: 400%

Forges speed

Smelting Speed Multiplier inside of all Forges


ORP Settings

Settings for the Offline Raid Protection (ORP)

Active after Logout: 45min
Active after PvP Logout: 3h

1.75 Turret Damage
30% less ORP damage

Tribeslot Cooldown

Cooldown has been removed


Character Despawn

Character stored in upload

after 24h


Turret limit

Max amount of Turrets in a specific range


Turret Damage

Turret Damage Multiplier


Always Structure Pickup

Are you able to always pickup Structures


Structure Collision

Are your Strcutures getting blocked by Walls etc.

False | Unoffi

Structure HP

Structures that have changed Hp and the new Amount of HP

- Tek Turret 7.5K HP
Vacuums: 20K HP

Structure Limit

Max amount of Structures in a specific range

Is the Local Limit

Is the Global Limit

Is the max amount of snapped structures

Is the max amount of cliff platforms

Chem Bench / Fabricator limit

Max amount of Chem Bench and Fabricator



Tame limit

Max Amount of Dinos you can have on one Map


Wild Dino Max Level

Max Level a Wild Dino can spawn with

Tek 180

Egg Hatch Speed

Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier


Baby Grow Speed

Baby Grow Speed Multiplier


Enabled after 1h

Can not be tamed

- Crystal Wyvern

Enabled after 12h

Can not be tamed

- Managarmr

Enabled after 48h

Can not be tamed

- Shadowmane
- Voidvyrm
- Fenrir
- Andrewsarchus
- Desmodus

Breeding cooldown

Reduction of dino breeding cooldown

40% (Oviraptor got removed for this)

Disabled Dinos

Dinos that are Permanently disabled
  • Armagasaurus
  • Fjordhawk
  • Ovis
  • Iguanodon
  • Oviraptor
  • Rhyniognatha
  • Ravager
  • Megalania
  • Enforcer
  • Araneo
  • Scout Drone

Dino Buffs

List of dinos with a buffed stats
  • Arthropleura 300% DMG
  • Carbonenmys 200% HP
  • Daeodon 200% Food
  • Fire Wyvern 200% DMG
  • Gasbag 200% HP
  • Megachelon 200% HP and limit of 5
  • Paracer 300% HP
  • Rhino 200% DMG
  • Spino 200% DMG
  • Tapejara 230% HP
  • Titan 300% HP
  • Giganotosaurus 120% DMG
  • Tropeognathus 150% DMG & HP
  • Daeodon 500K Food after Tame

Dino Nerfs

List of dinos with a nerfed stats
  • Lightning Wyvern 30% DMG
  • Shadowmane 80% HP and 50% DMG
  • Desmodus 50% DMG and HP
  • Voidvyrm 75% HP and 25% DMG
  • Astrocetus 60% HP
  • Astrodelphis 20% HP and 10& DMG
  • Andrewsarchus 50% HP
  • Griffin to 25% HP

All dinos Aberration

Flying is not possible

All dinos are allowed on Aberration


Item Stack Size

Item Stack size changes

Bullets and other items are customized

Loot Quality

Supply Crate Loot Quality

Loot Drop Quality: 4x

Fishing Loot Quality: 4x

Removed Items

Items you are not able to craft or use
  • Enforcer farming disabled
  • Sleeper
  • Raft
  • Chair
  • Zip-Line
  • Boulder Fire
  • Spray Painter
  • Shocking Tranq

Modified Items

Tek-Bow: 50% DMG
tranq-mode does not damage players and tamed dinos
explosive-mode does not damage structures

Flamethrower: 75% DMG

Tek Hoversail: 1K HP
5k HP but resistance nerfed

Customised Recipes

  • Shadow Steak:
    no Mushrooms and Rockarrot
  • Vegetable Cake:
    no Sap and Honey.


Night duration

One night lasts for:


Day duration

One day lasts for:


Auto Restart

Times when the server automatically restarts

5am and 3pm [CET realtime]

Genesis Missions Points

Multiplier of Genesis mission point rewards


Crop Growth Speed

Crop Growth Speed Multiplier


Infinite Water

On the whole map

You have water in the ground everywhere


Element Travel

Near a upload Terminal like a Transmitter you can use /upload or /download to transfer (Hard Element, Attributes and Artifacts ...)

/upload [number]
/download [same number as upload]

Engram Unlocker

Unlocks all Engrams [except Tekengrams in the first Week]



Distribute metal, wood and all other resources

/dist 'forge' 'metal'
/dist 'forge' 'wood'

/dist 'Craft station' 'Resource'
Make sure to write it correctly (ARK Item ID Name)


Pull items into a structure/inventory

/pull structure 'resource name' amountToPull
/pull inv 'resource name' amountToPull

Make sure to write it correctly (ARK Item ID Name)

Auto Repair

Automatically get your items repaired

Add the item to the "Repair" folder and make sure you have all the items for it. Every few seconds the items will be repaired.


Fills your Turrets with ammunition out of your Inventory

Fills your Turrets with ammo

Discord Link

Links your Tribelog to a Discord Channel of your choice

/linklog <Discord WebHook>


A Lootbox system with 2 Commands, with one to see how many you have and another to open one

Shows you the Amount of Lootboxes you have

/loot box
Opens a lootbox


Shows you the stats of your Dinos

Displays you the Stats of the Dino you are looking at in the Chat


Shows you your Limits. Use /ShowLimits to see your Structure Limit or /Dinolimit to see your Dino Limit

Shows the structure Limit


Connected Structures

How many structures are connected to the one I am looking at?

Look at a structure


The ORP is active after 20 Minutes when you are in PvP it takes 45 Minutes (ORP means Offliine Raid Protection)

Set the ORP Location

Removes the ORP


Can help you in some Situations, like when you are Stuck then you can use /suicide to kill yourself and respawn somewhere else


Astro Antimesh

Helps improving your Safety through detecting People trying to mesh faster better

So that no one can mesh your base

Turret configurator

Changes your turret settings, use /turrets to see all available Commands



PvP cooldown restrains some Actions like the /fiill or /upload commands

Point Limiter

Limits the stats

Playerlive limit 800HP
Player movement limit 170%

Item Collector

collect various items into different structures

collect fertilized eggs (in front of a Refrigerator / Tek Trough)

collect dropped eggs (in front of a Refrigerator / Tek Trough)

collect Gacha crystals (in front of a Vault)

collect poop (in front of a Vault)

Biome Caller

sends the current Gen2 biome in #server-status

Dino / structure limit

helps you count your structures and dinos

Displays the structures limit

Displays the dino limit

Baby dino settings

changes dino settings

- Auto 100% imprint
- Auto No Ally Look
- Auto Passive
- Auto Unfollow
- Auto Stats Point Name

Private DMG Numbers

displays the amount of damage you deal

Spyglass with points

displays the stats of dinos

Global Tribe Manager

Your tribe and it's logs will be synchronized across all maps.

Tribe Damage

A leaderboard with the tribes that have destroyed the most structures in raids.

Geforce Now / VPN not supported

you are going to get banned as soon as you try to join via Geforce Now / VPN

Donators only - Donation Shop

Donation Commands


Gives you a Kit

List of all available kits

/kit "kitname"
Replace "kitname" with the name from /kit

InGame Shop

Buy Kits or Lootboxes

/shop shows you all kits ingame and the ID
/buy ID replace ID with the name of the kit
Example: /buy pvp or /buy lootbox


Open and buy Lootboxes

/loot Box / Star / Galaxy
To open a Lootbox

/buy lootbox 1
/buy starbox 1
/buy galaxybox 1

Buy a box for points. With /points you can see how many points you have

Check how many boxes you have


Only gives you Tek-Engrams

/engrams tek [Basic Tek-Engrams]

/engrams alltek [All Tek-Engrams]


Dino Color

Changes the Color of your Dino Permanently

/sdc <Region> <Colour>
/cdc <DinoName> <Region> <Colour>

[Region Name List: Body = 0, Face = 1, Side = 2, Legs = 3, Top = 4, Under = 5]