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InGame Kits

This is a list of all the kits you can buy in-game for points.

/shop to see all

Dinos are not included in the in-game store, they can be purchased separately.
Dinos are Level 225, Stryder Level 150 and Stego Level 270.

  • Astro Loot Box

    40k Points

  • Star Loot Box

    60k Points

  • Galaxy Loot Box

    90k Points

  • Tier 1 Base Kit

    20k Points

  • Tier 1 Raid Kit

    20k Points

  • Tier 1 PvP Kit

    7k Points

  • Tier 1 Farm Kit

    5k Points

  • Tier 2 Base Kit

    50k Points

  • Tier 2 Raid Kit

    50k Points

  • Tier 2 PvP Kit

    20k Points

  • Tier 3 Raid Kit

    200k Points

  • Tier 3 Base Kit

    200k Points

  • Tier 3 PvP Kit

    100k Points

  • Magmasaurus

    3K Points

  • Argentavis

    3K Points

  • Angler Fish

    3K Points

  • Karkinos

    3K Points

  • Stego

    10K Points

  • Random Type of Stryder

    100K Points

  • Alpha Boss Kit

    60K Points

  • Mutagen 1x

    2K Points

  • All Colours 50x


  • Full Exo Suit


/shop shows you all kits ingame and the ID
/buy ID replace ID with the name of the kit
Example: /buy pvp or /buy lootbox