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Astro ARK PvP ASA Ascended


Astro PvP ASA x100

The Island [8 Man]

Astro PvP ASA x100

The Island [4 Man]

Astro PvP ASA x100

The Island [2 Man]

How to Join Astro ASA Server

  • Start ARK: Survival Ascended
  • Click "Join Game"
  • Select "Unofficial"
  • Search for Astro (click refresh)
  • Add it to your Favorites and select Join!

Server Settings

⚙️ x100 Settings from ASE Server

  • Harvest Amount: 100x
  • XP Multiplier: 100x
  • Taming Speed: 100x
  • Max Tribe Members: 2 / 4 / 8 Man
  • No Alliances
  • Max Wild Dino Level = 150 / 180
  • Turret Limit = 150
  • Turret Damage: 1.5

🦖 Dinos

  • Egg Hatch Speed: 100x
  • Baby Grow Speed: 40x
  • Imprint Interval Multiplier: 0.1
  • Dinos Adjusted stats:
    • Paracer 300% HP
    • Tapejara 230% HP
    • Titan (tamed) 300% HP
    • Rhino 200% DMG
    • Spino 200% DMG
    • Arthropleura 300% DMG
    • Daeodon 200% Food

📍 Items

  • Item Stack Size: 100K
  • Loot Quality: 4x
  • Removed Items: Shocking Tranq, Enforcer, Sleeper, Raft, Chair, Zip-Line, Boulder Fire, Trophy Base & Case, Spray Painter, Cage, Gravestone, Radio, Camera, Industrial Grinder

☀️ Environment

  • Night duration: 15min
  • Day duration: 45min

🛠️ Mods

  • Cryo Pods & Fridge
    • Cryopods and Cryofrdige have been added
  • Engram Unlocker
    • Unlocks all engrams (without Tek)
  • Better Dino Levels
    • There are morehigh-levell dinos.
  • Solo Farm
    • You can craft two items for this mod: a remote tool (to specify which resources to farm) and an item that makes the Ankylosaurus gather resources as quickly as possible.
  • Super Spyglass
    • Shows all relevant stats of the dinos with points.
  • Astro Community Mod
    • This mod has exclusive additions and changes for Astro ARK and will be updated.

Mods are automatically installed or updated when joining.

[4Man] only

  • 4 Man Tribelimit
  • 60% Boss HP

[2Man] only

  • 2 Man Tribelimit
  • 40% Boss HP

ASA Rule

  • Forcefield gets destroyed without warning
  • 1-day ban (longer if repeated)

Astro ASA News

ASA Cluster

Currently it is not possible to connect the servers to each other, as soon as ARK adds the "Cluster" function, we will of course activate it immediately.

Map/Cave Changes

As soon as it is possible for us to make map/cave changes in ASA, we will implement them.


There are currently a lot of bugs and problems with certain bugs, which is why we only use stable and securely tested mods. More mods will be added as soon as they are stable.


Currently there is no ARK ASA API with which you can make plugins, which is why there are currently no plugins in ASA. As soon as there will be plugins, we will use them!

InGame Support

We will now also have in-game support on Astro. For this you have to open the right ticket under #🎫・support. Please note that we will close wrong tickets directly!